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               Hi Dan & Mary Jo,
                                                                                           I do not remember if I ever emailed you to tell you how nice your                                                                                                website is.  I have shared it with a few of my dog lover friends.  If you                                                                                                ever add testimonials to your website I would love to tell people how                                                                                                 true your statements are.  Lily is a very intelligent dog.  To say she                                                                                                  learns things quickly is an understatement.  A friend of mine                                                                                                            commented recently that she has never felt a dog communicating with                                                                                              her before as Lily does.  This friend has owned and known many dogs                                                                                              in her lifetime (Lily stays with her from time to time).
                                                                                           Lily loves to to show off her ability to balance.  She does the sit up
like Sable did when I met Sable.  Lily also spends a bit of time standing as tall as she can on her hind legs as she sniffs out higher tree branches in her quest to chase birds.  I have never seen a dog rear up and balance as she does.
    Lily looks great – allot of muscle especially in her hind legs.  And when she’s thinking her hardest her forehead wrinkles up while she cocks her head this way and that.  Although we don’t have children she is absolutely wonderful around kids. 
    Anyway, I hope that all is well with you and your family.
    We visited Dan and Mary Jo’s hobby farm the summer of 2007 after inquiring about their puppies from startribune.com. Our interest was a yellow (particularly ivory), female Lab. We were extremely impressed with their place - 40 acres of laid-back, relaxing “quiet”. At every visit, we were greeted by Sable, Jewel, Timber and/or Lizzie as though they knew us and were glad we returned. All four were beautiful, happy and well-mannered dogs.
     We kept in contact with Dan and Mary Jo. When we finally received word that Sable was pregnant and due
the end of April 2008, we were ecstatic!  April 30th her nine puppies were born. On June 15th we brought
home our Josie Marie. For only being seven weeks, she was the most beautiful and smartest puppy I had
                             ever met. It was evident she was introduced to a kennel prior to us bringing her home.
                             She took to her new kennel without hesitation and quickly learned “kennel up”.   Potty
                             training was also very easy. She caught on within a couple of weeks. It was evident Dan
                             and Mary Jo work with their puppies from day one. From making sure they are cared for by their mother
                             to exposing the pups to indoor as well as outdoor sounds, sights and smells.
                                 She is now almost 11 months old and such a joy in our lives. She learns quickly and is extremely eager to please. I am amazed at how playful and tolerant she is with our six and three year old children. Our three year old son loves to wrestle and bear hug her. She accepts it with a big wag of the tail and always goes back for more.   When our six year old daughter gets off the school bus, Josie waits for her at the corner of the front yard. Josie is eager to walk along
                              side her up to the door. We are always complimented on her beauty and well-mannered,  calm
                              disposition while out on walks.
                                  My husband was taken by their beautiful “fox red” Labradors and we’re confident we will return to
                              Whispering Pines Kennels again someday.  Whispering Pines Kennels is a
                              wonderful place to adopt your next puppy. It is evident both Dan and Mary Jo
                              love what they do, are extremely knowledgeable about the Labrador breed
and are very thorough in making sure they place their pups with loving
families for all the right reasons.
The Bushman Family
                                     Jager is such a great companion, whether its in the field chasing birds or playing fetch in the park!  He is
                                     gentle with my 3 year old son, who adores him, and he socializes with any dog while out for a walk.  I
                                     have been asked repeatedly what breed he is (red fox) and always get positive comments on his unique
                                     appearance and calm stature.  Jager goes pretty much everywhere I go, even to school twice a week to
                                     see the 6th graders in physical education class.  I was going to send Jager to training, however, he has
                                     been exceptionally easy to train on my own, and he is only 10 months old.  When practicing retrieving,
                                     Jager zones out all other dogs and distractions and only cares about one thing....retrieving his trainer toy. 
                                           At seven months, he was introduced to pheasant hunting in South Dakota and performed well
                                     retrieving two birds. I can't wait to take him back next season.
                                           Dan and Mary Jo do an excellent job caring for these wonderful dogs.  I have recommended them to
                                     various people who are interested in Labradors, as I was recommended.  I can't say enough about the
                                     treatment and approach that Dan and Mary Jo put into their kennel.  A laid back approach with the right
                                     amount of integration that leads to all the positive characteristics anyone would want in a Labrador.  I am looking forward to adding another one of these outstanding pups to the family in the future.

Jager is a Timber-
        Ulu Pup
Josie is a Sable-Captain C Pup
  We got our Labrador retriever, Rosie, from Dan and Mary Jo in April 2009;  She's loyal, well-behaved and has been a lover of the family from day 1.
We added a new addition to our family, a new baby, in May 2010 and Rosie has been great with the new baby since the first day home from the hospital. 
  Dan and Mary Jo were helpful from first being introduced to their dogs to the continued support after we brought Rosie home. 
  We would recommend Dan and Mary Jo to anyone looking to add a new puppy to their family in the near future!!   
Tara & Troy   Tehya/Erik pup
Lily is a Sable-Captain Pup
    As owners, you always feel your dogs are special, but we have received so many compliments about our dogs from complete strangers. So many are impressed by their sweet, gentle demeanors and that they are so well-behaved. Both dogs were so easy to train.
    Although our dogs are not used for hunting, we see their focus and retrieving skills when it comes time to play. They love to swim and could retrieve their tennis balls and Frisbees for hours.
    Gary and Lisa 
Greta is a Sable-
   Captain Pup
I contacted the Moscho family after finding Remington (Kodi) on the internet.  We had recently had to
put our precious 2 1/2 year old lab down due to an unknown health condition.  We really thought we
would have a hard time replacing our previous dog, but Remington has turned out to be an incredible
addition to our family.  He is now my new walking partner, foot warmer, vacuum cleaner, you name
it...he is there for whatever I need.  It is great that he does not "require" a walk each day.  Remi has
such a laid back and loving personality, but still loves to walk with me or retrieve anything that I point
at or throw for him.  We attended an obedience class last spring, and he took 1st place out of 17
   My niece stopped by our home a couple of weeks ago to visit.  My niece is extremely afraid of dogs and clung to her mother for
about the first 15 minutes.  I kept reassuring her that he was gentle, but she would not have any part of it.  I had Remi lay down and
set my niece down behind his back so she could pet him.  Within 5 minutes she was chasing after him!! It was great to see her truly
trust a dog! 
   Remi is such a happy dog!  I want to thank you so much for allowing us to purchase one of your dogs.  He truly is a joyful part of
our family.  He is the most beautiful lab I have ever seen!  -Lisa
   Remington is a Sable-Drake Pup
From the first contact we had with the Moscho’s we knew we had found the right breeder.  Everything that Dan and Mary Jo said that our dog would be, has been true and then some.  We acquired Cooper at 8 weeks old and over the last year and a half we have been amazed at how quickly he has learned to be a polite family dog.  With 3 young children and a home daycare we needed to find a dog that would be gentle enough to have around babies but active enough to keep up with our busy life.  Cooper has filled this role perfectly!  He has received numerous compliments on his obedience and outgoing personality.  He has been very easy to train and loves to be around his people.  Not only has Cooper been a joy to have inside our home he is also loves the outdoors.  He has an intense retrieving drive and also loves the water.   At 8 months old, with only minimal training Cooper flushed and retrieved his first pheasant.  Thanks to Dan and Mary Jo for their knowledge of the Labrador breed we not only brought home a family pet, we added another member to our family.

Chris and Corri
Cooper is a Tehya-Erik Fox Red Pup    

    I'd like to say that I am extremely grateful for your help in selecting the perfect companion dog for Kaitlyn.  Since bringing Abby home I've noticed several positive changes in Kaitlyn.  I think Kaitlyn is generally happier, her stamina has improved from the increase in physical play, and Kaitlyn has taken on more responsibility in order to take care of 'her' dog.  Kaitlyn especially loves to teach Abby new tricks.  I think having Abby has also helped with Kaitlyn's expressive communication.  Kaitlyn is constantly talking to or about Abby at home, and Kaitlyn loves to tell everyone about her dog.
    Abby has turned out to be very gentle and loving, both quick and eager to learn new tricks, and she follows Kaitlyn everywhere.
    I think Kaitlyn said it pretty good herself in a recent school report:
        "My dog Abby is my best friend.  She is a yellow lab.  She was born May 15th, 2009.
     We got her from a breeder in Milaca, MN.  She is the color red.  She likes to play tossy,
     ball, and chew on her squeaky duck.  I am teaching her tricks.  She wakes me up in the
     morning.  She is a good dog."
Thanks again for your help,
Rob and Kaitlyn
Abby is a Timber-
      Erik Pup

Sable, retired and Emma living with Gary & Lisa
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Testimonials Below
We could not be happier with our Izzy and the Moscho’s as breeders.  Right away bringing Izzy home, she slept through the night and from day one has loved her kennel – we never have to beg her to kennel, and she really seems to enjoy her time in there.  She is friendly to EVERYONE – from dogs, to cats, to humans, she is a very social dog and thinks everyone is her best friend – she has never shown aggression towards any animal or person.  She makes a great house dog and an equally great hunting companion with a strong desire to please and retrieve.   We are so pleased with her physical appearance as well – we have received so many compliments (her vet included) on how she has a nice stocky build and is not a huge dog like many of today’s Labradors.  We cannot say enough good about her and would not hesitate to purchase another dog from the Moscho family.  Katie & Wes –

Izzy is a Heidi-Chester Pup
                                     We are so fortunate to have found Whispering Pines Family Kennel and we recommend them to anyone
                                   thinking of getting a Labrador retriever.  Dan and Mary Jo really listened to what we wanted in the temper-
                                   ament of our dog and made sure we had a perfect match.  Oscar transitioned into our family so easily.                                              He immediately attached to our 4 year old son and 6 year old dog.  He is energetic when we are high
                                   energy, but is mellow when we are relaxing.  He is eager to please and won’t take his eyes off of you if
                                   he is working.  Oscar is currently going through obedience training and the instructor commented that she
                                   has not seen another dog work as hard as he does.  We don’t hunt, but Oscar is very athletic and loves to
                                   dock jump and retrieve.  He is a beautiful dog and wants nothing more than to have our affection.  Oscar   
                                   and our son are best friends and have so much fun playing with each other.  We will return to Whispering Pines when it is time for a new 4 legged addition to our family and I am confident we will find another “perfect match”.
Julie, Mark & Spencer 

Oscar is a Tehya/
Mississippi Ben Pup